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Biography of Michiel de Ruyter, Great Dutch Admiral

Biography of Michiel de Ruyter, Great Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter (March 24, 1607–April 29, 1676) was one of the Netherlands most skilled and successful admirals, who is famous for his role in the  Anglo-Dutch Wars  of the 17th century. He is particularly noted for his raid on the Medway, where the Dutch fleet sailed up the Thames, a river that flows right through the heart of London, England, burning more than 10 British ships and capturing two others. Fast Facts: Michiel de Ruyter Known For: Successful Dutch admiral of the 17th century; led a raid up the Thames and into the heart of LondonAlso Known As: Michiel Adriaenszoon, Bestevaà ªrBorn: March 24, 1607 in Vlissingen, NetherlandsParents: Adriaen Michielszoon, Aagje JansdochterDied: April 29, 1676 in the Bay of  Syracuse, near  SicilyFilms: Admiral (Michiel de Ruyter), 2015Awards and Honors: De Ruyter has a statue in his birthplace  Vlissingen looking out at the sea. Many towns in the Netherlands have named streets after him. Six ships of the  Royal Netherlands Navy  have been named  HNLMS  De Ruyter  and seven are named after his flagship  HNLMS  De Zeven Provincià «n.Spouse(s): Maayke Velders (m. March 16, 1631–December 31, 1631), Neeltje Engels (m. summer 1636–1650), Anna van Gelder (January 9, 1652–April 29, 1676)Children: Adriaen, Neeltje, Aelken, Engel, Margaretha, AnnaNotable Quote: You might see the heads of some, the arms, legs or thighs of others shot off, and others....cut off by the middle with a chain-shot breathing out their last anguish and pain; some burning in ships fired, and others exposed to the mercy of the liquid Element, some of them sinking, whilst others who have learnt the art of swimming, lift up their heads above water and implore pity from their very enemies, entreating them to save their lives. Early Life Ruyter was the son of Vlissingen beer porter Adriaen Michielszoon and his wife Aagje Jansdochter. Growing up in a port town, de Ruyter appears to have first gone to sea at age 11. Four years later, he entered the Dutch army and fought against the Spaniards during the relief of Bergen-op-Zoom. Returning to business, he worked in the Dublin office of the Vlissingen-based Lampsins Brothers from 1623 to 1631. He married Maayke Velders when he returned home, but the union proved brief as she died in childbirth in late 1631. In the wake of his wifes death, de Ruyter became first mate of a whaling fleet that operated around Jan Mayen Island. After three seasons on the whale fishery, he married Neeltje Engels, the daughter of a wealthy burgher. Their union produced three children who survived to adulthood. Recognized as a gifted sailor, de Ruyter was given command of a  ship in 1637 and was charged with hunting raiders operating from Dunkirk. Successfully fulfilling this duty, he was commissioned by the Zeeland Admiralty and given command of the warship Haze, with orders to aid in supporting the Portuguese in their rebellion against Spain. Early Naval Career Sailing as third-in-command of the Dutch fleet, de Ruyter aided in defeating the Spanish off Cape St. Vincent on November 4, 1641. With the fighting concluded, de Ruyter purchased his own ship, Salamander, and engaged in trade with Morocco and the West Indies. Becoming a wealthy merchant, de Ruyter was stunned when his wife suddenly died in 1650. Two years later, he married Anna van Gelder and retired from the merchant service. With the outbreak of the First Anglo-Dutch War, de Ruyter was asked to take command of a Zealandic squadron of directors ships (privately financed warships). Accepting, he successfully defended an outbound Dutch convoy at the Battle of Plymouth on August 26, 1652. Serving under Lieutenant-Admiral Maarten Tromp, de Ruyter acted as a squadron commander during the defeats at Kentish Knock (October 8, 1652) and the Gabbard (June 12–13, 1653). Following Tromps death at the Battle of Scheveningen in August 1653, Johan de Witt offered de Ruyter command of the Dutch fleet. Fearful that accepting would anger officers senior to him, de Ruyter declined. Instead, he elected to become the vice-admiral of the Amsterdam Admiralty shortly before the end of the war in May 1654. Later Naval Career Flying his flag from Tijdverdrijf, de Ruyter spent 1655–1656 cruising the Mediterranean and protecting Dutch commerce from the Barbary pirates. Shortly after arriving back in Amsterdam, he re-embarked with orders to support the Danes against Swedish aggression. Operating under Lieutenant-Admiral Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam, de Ruyter aided in relieving Gdaà ±sk in July 1656. Over the next seven years, he saw action off the coast of Portugal and spent time on convoy duty in the Mediterranean. In 1664 while off the coast of West Africa, he battled with the English who had occupied Dutch slaving stations. Crossing the Atlantic, de Ruyter was informed that the Second Anglo-Dutch War had begun. Sailing to Barbados, he attacked the English forts and destroyed shipping in the harbor. Turning north, he raided Newfoundland before re-crossing the Atlantic and arriving back in the Netherlands. After van Wassenaer, the leader of the combined Dutch fleet, was killed at the recent Battle of Lowestoft, de Ruyters named was again put forward by Johan de Witt. Accepting on August 11, 1665, de Ruyter led the Dutch to victory at the Four Days Battle the following June. Raid on the Medway While initially successful, de Ruyters luck failed him in August 1666 when he was beaten and narrowly avoided disaster at the St. James Day Battle. The outcome of the battle furthered de Ruyters growing rift with one of his subordinates, Lieutenant-Admiral Cornelis Tromp, who coveted his post as commander of the fleet. Falling gravely ill in early 1667, de Ruyter recovered in time to oversee the Dutch fleets daring raid on the Medway. Conceived by de Witt, the Dutch succeeded in sailing up the Thames and burning three capital ships and 10 others. Before retreating, they captured the English flagship Royal Charles and a second ship, Unity, and towed them back to the Netherlands. The embarrassment of the incident ultimately forced the English to sue for peace. With the wars conclusion, de Ruyters health continued to be an issue and in 1667, de Witt forbade him from putting to sea. This ban continued until 1671. The next year, de Ruyter took the fleet to sea to defend the Netherlands from invasion during the Third Anglo-Dutch War. Encountering the English off Solebay, de Ruyter defeated them in June 1672. Later Years and Death The following year, he won a string crucial victories at Schoonveld (June 7 and June 14) and Texel, which eliminated the threat of English invasion. Promoted to lieutenant-admiral-general, de Ruyter sailed for the Caribbean in mid-1674 after the English had been driven from the war. Attacking French possessions, he was forced to return home when disease broke out aboard his ships. Two years later, de Ruyter was given command of a combined Dutch-Spanish fleet and was sent to aid in putting down the Messina Revolt. Engaging a French fleet under Abraham Duquesne at Stromboli, de Ruyter was able to achieve another victory. Four months later, de Ruyter clashed with Duquesne at the Battle of Agosta. During the fighting, he was mortally wounded in the left leg by a cannonball. Clinging to life for a week, he died on April 29, 1676. On March 18, 1677, de Ruyter was given a full state funeral and buried in Amsterdams Nieuwe Kerk. Sources Pike, John. â€Å"Military.†Ã‚  Anglo-Dutch Wars.â€Å"Michiel Adriaanszoon De Ruyter.†Ã‚  Encyclopedia Britannica, 22 Apr. 2018.â€Å"The Collection.†Ã‚  Lieutenant-Admiral Michiel De Ruyter (1607–1676) - National Maritime Museum.

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What Really Matters in Cancer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What Really Matters in Cancer - Essay Example The article states that the biomedicalisation of cancer care has led to the treating of the disease than cancer. The patient has been neglected especially aged patients who spend a fortune in treatment at the face discrimination (Purushotham et al., 1669). Treatment has become expensive and complex. It talks about the social nature of cancer. It states that cancer is a community disease in its origin and risk factors in spite of patients being treated as individuals. Hence, if the social aspect is taken, then its treatment should be different. It advocates for cancer self-help groups for patients. It talks about the consequences of neglecting the social aspects of cancer. The author advocates for compassionate cancer care where the patient is cared for rather than undergoing treatment alone. It is stated that social cancer medicine has been neglected for the molecularisation of cancer. The article advocates for research into the social nature of cancer (Purushotham et al., 1670). The information in this article is relevant to the real world in the care and treatment of cancer patients all over the world. It is applicable at this present moment as there are a lot of cancer patients suffering from the toxic nature of cancer treatments without the social care they need to go through it. There is a lack of cancer self-help groups to help patients in meeting the cost of cancer treatment. It is applicable all over the world as cancer does not select on the region to affect. It is a worldwide disease. The information is relevant because of the technological aspect of cancer treatment without the social care needed. Treatment is all about treating the disease rather than the person. There is no other author or research that opposes the ideas presented in the article. Macmillan’s research named Discrimination at Work support the ideas presented in this article. Further research into the social nature of cancer is needed along with research into patient-centered care (Purushotham et al., 1671).     

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Mapping an Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Mapping an Argument - Essay Example The courts role must remain to ensure proper interpretation of the laws as opposed to participating in the political ideas and thus contributing to the political decisions of the people. The article raises various issues that are very fundamental in understanding the relationship between law and politics. The first major issue is the racial divide that was very prevalent in the Niagara Falls between the African Americans and the White Americans. The issue threatened politics of the council, as it appeared that the White majority voted as a bloc, based on race, to eliminate the African American preferred candidate (Curtin, 2002). When the matter was taken to the federal court, the judge found no evidence that the White majority had voted as a block on racial grounds. This decision however appeared to be more of a political decision than one based on law. Another important point expressed by the author is that the judiciary should refrain from the legislative process of the council, except in situations where such legislation process seems to infringe on the rights of individuals to vote. The judiciary should have no other role in the political process of enacting laws apart from that of protecting people’s rights. In the case of the council of Niagara Falls, the legislative process did not seem to violate the one person-one vote principle and the judge therefore had no business involving himself in resolving it. The judge’s decision seemed to be interfering with a political process. Every society has its own culture and traditions that are different and unique from those of other societies. These cultures and traditions affect to a greater extent the worldviews of the individuals and how they conduct themselves in different situations. Cultural relativism demands that we do not judge other people’s cultures and traditions based on our own cultures. No culture is particularly

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Latino Urbanism in Los Angeles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Latino Urbanism in Los Angeles - Essay Example In this report, research into the Latino community is carried out in all thats considered as common ground by the community (Rojas 44). The research is done on the streets, abandoned train yards, residential home front yards and backyards, designated sacred sites, burial sites, cafà © and shops among other social hubs. The Latino community makes use of all space outdoors, forcing the researcher to base the research on the outdoors. In conducting research on a social platform, James gathered most of the data via personal observation. Since his report is derived from the behavior of the community, observing the community trends is the preferred data gathering technique. Although it is not indicated in the report, James interviewed some of the community members to get a perspective on their mode of living. James illustrates the improvisation, innovation and use the Latino community makes with the few resources they have. He introduces the personalization element adopted by the community in the absence of government

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Music, Radio and Teens Essay -- Hip Hop Rap Essays Music Musical Essay

Music, Radio and Teens The first thing that teenagers will do when they get into their car is to turn on the radio. They flip through the channels hoping to find that latest hit that all the stations are playing. Whether it's the newest pop rock song, or that catchy country tune, everyone wants to hear it. This is an example of how powerful the radio can be in influencing what teens listen to. Here is a closer look at the specific genres and how these styles are affecting today's teens through the radio. Hip Hop Hip-Hop is one of fastest growing music genres in the United States as its trend has made hip-hop explode everywhere. Hip-Hop comes from the streets using street slang incorporated in the music. Hip-Hop music is rebellious and frightens parents due to the explicit lyrics that it uses. As any type of new generation beat that is rebellious is going to scare a parent. Parents are frightened that if their kids listen to this music it will promote violence, sex, and drugs. Parents need to know that the vibe that teens get from Hip-Hop is just like the vibe our parents got from rock and roll. As teens are influenced by the Hip-Hop culture by the way teens dress themselves wearing brand names like Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, or Polo to represent the hip-hop culture; getting away from the preppy clothes like for example Abercrombie and Fitch. Hip-Hop music has no color barrier so anybody can listen to the music. Hip-Hop has even reached magazine shelves attracting more teens to read a bout hip-hop magazines like The Source, Jive, and XXL are devoted to just Hip-Hop music. Hip-Hop has influenced a lot of teens and will continue to grow as the new generation of music the so-called ?feels good music? that teens lo... ...the car. HIP-HOP. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: Taylor, Chuck, Stark, Phyllis, Hay, Carla. Country Teens go Multimedia. Billboard Vol. 113, Issue 9. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier On the World Wide Web: Signs of New Life for Country Format, Recent Sales Successes. Billboard Retrieved from Academic Search Premier on the World Wide Web: SoulMusic (2002). Retrieved from the World Wide All Music Guide (1992). Retrieved from the World Wide Samuels, Allison (2002). Newsweek. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: Strauss, Neil (2001, December 26). A New Look at Eminem. New York Times [Newspaper]. Retrieved from the World Wide

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Family Bond Essay

The family system is the most conspicuous bond in the social scheme of things. This bond ties people to each other with invisible strings of love and care, each one bonded to all others in his/her entirety. The family that consists of the elder’s brothers, sisters and children are all bound to each other no matter how far away they may be from each other physically. The family is the inspiration of each individual member and, above all, it is the objective for which each individual member lives and works. The encouragement from the family helps one to achieve marathon goals, and it is the family only that, at time forces a person to adopt the wrong path. Thus the family is of so much importance to every member that, its bonds are in reality responsible for whatever each member achieves or loses. The family is as if the backbone on which the bodies of the individuals in it stand. It is the family that acts as a booster for each one in it and, it is the same family that at times becomes a stumbling block in the growth of an individual in it. This is because the bonds of love are too great to be set apart and as we often hear that love is blind. It is this same blind love of the family that may at times prove to be a hindrance to growth For example, a child in the family may be brilliant in studies but the extreme and blind love of the parents wants to see him as the next Sachin Tendulkar. They, in trying to fulfill their ambition may try to impose their desire on the child and he, in the bargain loses track of studies. At the same time since he has no inclination for cricket, he does not manage to achieve anything in that sphere also. Thus, due to the unquestioned love and bond of the family, the child loses out on both fronts. He is unable to become Sachin Tendulkar and neither has he been able to keep pace with his studies. In this way, the bonds of the family prove to be disastrous also. At the same time, with the backing and support of the family, a child can work wonders as, it is here he gets all the encouragement and back up support. Besides being a support for the children of a family it has often been heard that, b ehind every successful man, there is a woman. This again goes to show how much the backing of a good co-operative wife helps the man also to grow in his career. Thus it is seen that the family bonds play a very prominent part in making or breaking each member of the family. It is from broken homes that, drug addicts, juvenile criminals are also created, so much is the importance of the bonds of a family. So much for parents and children in a family. Even grandparents have an intrinsic role to play in the growth of the individuals. If the children play and have fun with grandparents, they develop a liking for elders, and they learn to respect elders. Once they see their parents behaving well with the grandparents they also learn how to behave with elders. This presence of elders in a family makes the bonds still more pleasant and more lasting. Like everything else, bonds of a family also have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the disadvantages are so minuscule that, the prominent advantages overpower them and the essence of family life and its bonds appear to be just worth it. Where there is a family to fall back upon, even hard times of misfortune, it becomes easier to bear and this is just what family bonds is all about. These bonds are so strong that, no power can break them or destroy them. It is however great luck to get the fortune of a fully blooming family with all its bonds in place.

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The profession of social work through the centuries has...

The profession of social work through the centuries has improved its practice of time to establish guidelines, develop structure, and advocate social justice for the human race. Social work has been among society from the beginning of class division. Social work has been identified, as a need of the human race to improve and redirect the thought of humans, to everyone is equal in terms of opportunity and action. The human population needs to understand that social work is a profession to aid and benefit the society to advocate for the prosperity and equality among the population and the government. The evolution of social work dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe and followed people to America where if flourished. During the time of the†¦show more content†¦The immigration of people from the rural areas into the urban cities caused a diversity of nationality, language barrier, and class. They came from all over the world to have a part of the â€Å"American Dream† creating the melting pot of America. A diverse population cause native born Americans to feel threatened by the cheap labor of immigrates from the European, Asian, and African countries (Newman Schmalbach, 2010, 362). When working in the factories language barriers and class became an issue of working and living. When people of all nationalities work together and do not speak the same language different ideas, work ethics, and meaning are prevent causing miscommunications to occur. During the time of the industrial revolution, one percent of the population ran the United States, the rich; the remaining was the poor poverty-stricken people. This poverty-stricken people had internal tension of the cheap labor from the immigrates and the American people who felt cheated. This class tension between rich, poor, and immigrates created class hatred and riots (Newman Schmalbach, 2010, 343-344). The profession of social work sent social workers known as â€Å"Friendly Visitors† to s ort out the social issues that brought to life poverty and homelessness (Boyer, Clark, Jr., Kett, Salisbury, Sitoff, Woloch et al, 2004, 589). To understand and change societyShow MoreRelatedEssay On Global Foundation895 Words   |  4 PagesMy Understanding of Global Foundations From my early years engaged in Girl Scouts to participating in high school car washes to benefit various shelters, I have always believed in personal service to benefit the common good, both near and far. I remember canned food drives at Thanksgiving and turkey dinner deliveries during Christmas holidays. In my faith experience, I was also taught to give generously of my financial resources, not just my time. I remember saving coins in a box to help farmersRead MoreMethods Of Construction At 4.1 Pile Foundation1434 Words   |  6 Pages 4. METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION 4.1 PILE FOUNDATION: Piles are structural members that are made up of steel, concrete, or timber. They are used to build pile foundations, which are deep and which cost more than shallow foundations. Despite the cost, the use of piles often is necessary to ensure structural safety. The following list identifies some of the condition that require pile foundations. 1.When the upper soil layers are highly compressible and too weak to carry the load transmitted by the superstructureRead MoreInformative Speech on the Surf Rider Foundation Essay example896 Words   |  4 Pages 2. Listener Relevance Link: What can you do as individuals to help improve our ecosystem? You can become a volunteer at The Surfrider Foundation. 3. Speaker Credibility Link: I’ve taken it upon myself to join the The Surfrider Foundation and put effort into cleaning up our small community.(Visual aid) 4. Thesis Statement: My goal in this speech is to inform you of the dammaging effects we have onRead MoreThe Turn 2 Foundation And The American Dream1684 Words   |  7 PagesChicvak English 11R 7 April 2017 The Turn 2 Foundation and the American Dream The American Dream is defined as the opportunity for every U.S. citizen to achieve success through hard-work, determination, and initiative. Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation was created to help children grow safely and successfully into adulthood and become the leaders of our next generation. The Turn 2 Foundation promotes the American Dream to kids and students because the foundation teaches kids to work hard to achieving theirRead MorePersonal Statement : Make A Wish Foundation1018 Words   |  5 Pages Make-A-Wish Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization which helps to fund and provide experiences for children with life-threatening medical conditions. CEO David Williams articulated, â€Å"The vision is not just about a number - it s about real lives and very real wish impact† (Make-A-Wish America, 2016, p. 1). These children must be between the ages of 3 and 17; and must have a physician to assure that they are eligible for the program. It was created in the spring of 1980 after theRead More Advancement of Civic Engagement by Community Foundations in Low Income African American Communities1598 Words   |  7 Pagescivil rights. As a result, the community is preparing a new generation of residents focused on improving their community who follow in the footsteps of parents serving in volunteer capacities and as strong neighborhood activists. The McCormick Foundation recently demonstrated a commitment to civic engagement here in Chicago by announcing plans to deploy $1.5 million in grants to increase civic coursework in the classroom to put youth on a path of civic engagement that will last long into adulthoodRead MoreThe Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation1333 Words   |  6 Pagesthey live, however they live, we all share the same dreams† – Melinda Gates. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a private grant making foundation that believes that everyone is equal. They work with partner organizations worldwide and have divisions in economic development, health, education and a global policy and advocacy division. Bill Gates was able to found this world changing foundation after becoming the richest man in the world, according to Forbes magazine. He left his role as chairmanRead MoreStakeholders Influencing the Purpose of Apple and British Heart Foundation1468 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Task 2 is to descri be the different stakeholders that influence the purpose of Apple and British Heart Foundation. A stakeholder is a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry. This is not just limited to someone who has purchased stock in a company, which is a shareholder.   Who are stakeholders for Apple? Customers want the business to produce quality products at reasonable price. You have different types of customers. There are differentRead MoreThe Make A Wishes Foundation Helps Young Kids With Life Threatening Diseases1058 Words   |  5 Pagesto meet a navy bomb squad. His bright blue eyes and his sparkling smile tug on the viewer s heart strings. In bold, white letters reads â€Å"Giving back to Make-A-Wish meant a lot to me† and above, a big blue box which says â€Å"DONATE.† The Make-A-Wish Foundation helps young kids with life threatening diseases to make a wish and be granted said wish, which will, hopefully, make a difference in children s lives. The main claim that the website seems to bring out is that â€Å"any kid with life threatening diseasesRead MorePersuading for Donations and Involvement with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention632 Words   |  3 Pagesdonate and or get involved with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We all a re going to pass on and die eventually. It is a fact. That’s how the circle of life works. You never know when it’s going to happen. Unless your one of the 38,364 people who committed suicide in 2010, if you were then you new exactly that you were going to die that day, cause they planned it. Isn’t that a horrible thought? Planning your own death. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention national not-for-profit